our mission

To enrich the lives of supported individuals by providing person centered
services that promote independence, inclusion, and self determination.

vision Statement

To provide the highest quality supports and dedicated stewardship of the goals, hopes, and dreams of each supported individual.

Supporting People to actualize their dreams and visions for the future by empowering choice and promoting self determination.

Inclusive Philosophy that facilitates the friendships, relationships, and community connections that contributes to a dignified life.

Service Excellence: Developing innovative services and supports that are results oriented, create value, and are long term sustainable.

Organization Wide Respect for human diversity that includes valuing and caring with compassion for the people SISO works for , and those who work for SISO.

Promoting Independence, Enriching Lives







About the SISO Organization

SISO is a community based organization, and our homes reflect that ideal. Our clients all know one another and most of the family homes we staff and maintain are a short walk from one another. We provide innovative residential adult foster care services to intellectually and developmentally disabled adults in Lane County. We started SISO in 2006 with the purchase of one family home and a contract to serve one individual and 0 employees. We have been very successful supporting highly challenging individuals, and have continued to grow our organization out of our passion to provide the best possible individualized supports based around positive behavior supports and the principle of self determination. We currently operate 4 homes and support 20 people with over 35 employees. Our focus is twofold: 1.) To provide the highest quality person centered services that meet the complex and changing needs of the supported individual. 2.) To ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, reaches their full potential in safe, supervised settings.

Our Philosophy

Supported Independence Services of Oregon (SISO) is a Licensed Adult Foster Care organization located in Eugene, and founded 2006. We believe that all people with disabilities can and should live successfully in family homes in their communities with the right supports.

Our primary goal is to help our clients live as independently as possible in the communities and homes of their choice. We provide a broad range of services designed to support our clients' goals, hopes, and dreams. The goals of SISO’s mission are:

1 To plan individualized supports to meet clients' needs, and to help them achieve their goals, and live the lifestyles they desire.
1 To provide well-trained staff members to provide these supports.
1 To focus on innovation and quality improvement.
1 To cooperate with other agencies which provide our clients services to maximize the
quality of their lives.
1 To maintain loving, warm, well kept family homes in welcoming, inclusive